Hi, my name is Gary Peters.

I'm an artist making site responsive installations, non-objective wall works, painting-objects and monochromes.

You can see my exhibition A Slow Take at Te Tuhi, Auckland. It opens on 18 November 2017 and runs until 25 February 2018.

Working drawing, Slipped Monochrome #2Working drawing, Slipped Monochrome #2

Working drawing, Slipped Monochrome #2 for A Slow Take

All the colours (fifty fifty), 2015
acrylic on canvas
200 × 200mm

Less Use 1600Less Use 1600

Less Use, 2013
acrylic on wooden panels
400 × 1620 × 80mm

Monochrome light boxes in the cityMonochrome light boxes in the city

The Colour of Courtenay Place, 2015
Light box public art project, Courtenay Place Park, Wellington

This is not writing – Gary PetersThis is not writing – Gary Peters

This is not writing (rough and smooth), 2014
acrylic on rough linen, acrylic on smooth linen
236 × 166 × 24mm each

Daily monochromes, 2017
acrylic on postage stamps
various sizes

door shaped line made in acrylic paintdoor shaped line made in acrylic paint

APE, 2014
acrylic paint wall drawing
450 × 950mm

Useless, acrylic on wall, 1610 × 410mm, 2012 – Gary Peters.Useless, acrylic on wall, 1610 × 410mm, 2012 – Gary Peters.

Useless, 2012
acrylic on wall, SNO
1610 × 410mm