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March 13, 2018

What’s appropriation art?

Donald Judd - Julian Dashper, 2014
Acrylic on bamboo
215 × 150 × 5mm


What’s appropriation art?
It’s when you steal but make a point of stealing, because by changing the context you change the connotation.

Graffiti artists use the stuff of everyday life as their canvas – walls, dumpsters, buses. A stylized representation is placed on an everyday object. In visual art, as in other media, artists take unfiltered pieces of their surroundings and use them for their own means.

Quotes from Reality Hunger by David Shields.

March 9, 2018

Five things this Friday

From the newsletter archives…

One year ago



Two years ago

Experimental Monochrome
Thumb drawing, mobile phone
Sunday 6 March, 2016


Three years ago

Two new works in progress in a rearranged studio.
Sixteen inch square, low profile stretchers with gessoed, fine weave Italian linen – a lovely surface to work on.


Four years ago

Occasional Monochromes


Five years ago

Studies – working title, Not Me

March 2, 2018

Five things this Friday

Oil stick on A3 Kraftpaper

Five drawings I made this week

Some artworks are planned, drawn up and then executed, others are intuitive and their direction is unknown. These drawings are the latter and feel like a natural extension of the doodles I’ve been making.

Looking at them I’m reminded of:
- John Reynolds drawings (due to the materials),
- the work of George Baselitz,
- and the mid-career drawings and paintings of Philip Guston.

Also in my mind is a story my foundation tutor, Mick Maslen, once told us. When he was at art school, doodling and not really sure of what to do, his tutor told him to “Keep churning them out”. Week after week, “Keep churning them out”. And this is how I feel about these works – while I’m far from lost, I know I need to keep on making them, to let them develop and see where they’re going.