Five things this Friday


There’s a review of A Slow Take over at Eye Contact site. It’s written by John Hurrell. I was introduced to John at the opening (thanks Maggie!) and noticed later in the evening he was having a close look at my work, which was great to see. And I find it’s interesting he mentions Billy Apple as I was thinking of one of his works just the other week.


Two images I liked on instagram this week. Click through to go to the original post.

Yup, that’s Blinky Palermo.


Choir! Choir! Choir! + David Byrne singing David Bowie’s Heroes. Discovered one morning this week – a slow start and then… well, what a way to start my day.




A short article looking at the Japanese perspective of space. The author looks at four types of space:

  • Relational space (wa)
  • Knowledge-mobilizing space (ba)
  • Location (tokoro)
  • Negative space (ma)

Instead of being about the built environment, the Japanese words for space center on the interactions and relationships among people.

In Japan, a building can’t be in Tokyo without Tokyo being in the building.


One of mine from 1989-90. Oil paint with Polyfilla on board

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