Five things this Friday – 23 February, 2018

After last week’s five works over 20 years, here are five works from the last five years…


Less Use, 2013 acrylic on wooden panels (2 pieces) 400 × 1620 × 80mm

Rejected from a couple of competitions this work sold immediately when shown with PaulNache in Gisbourne (not that sales are the only measure as to whether a work is any good or not). For me, this piece somehow embodied much of what I learnt from my residency at SNO in Sydney. A favourite of mine for sure.


Work #52, 2014 acrylic on canvas 200 × 250mm

The final work from my year long 52 weeks, 52 works, 52 colours project.


The colour of Courtenay Place, 2015 Light boxes, Wellington

My first public art project. Several people commented on how the monochromes changed the nature of the light boxes from places where images are displayed to sculptural objects.


Offset, 2016 acrylic on linen 500 × 500mm

2016 was a comparatively quiet one for me. I started my daily monochrome project to build up some momentum in my practice again. This work, a variation of the monochrome, was one of a pair, the other work however failed due to a blemish.


Bug, 2017 Flasche paint on cardboard 100 × 120mm

Chosen here as a contrast to the quality finish of Offset. Where some works benefit from precision, patience and quality materials others succeed by being made quickly on whatever materials are lying around. This cut up piece of cardboard falls in the later category and it’s sitting on my wall at home, horizontally, as you read this.

← Material differences
→ Two drawings I made when I should have been doing something else