This week…

This week:

  • I’ve carried on drawing in my sketchbook:

sketchbook drawings 1

sketchbook drawings 2

  • I’ve moved things around at home in an attempt to make more “studio space” and now know I really need to get rid of a few things.

  • I’ve been talking with friends about ways of making work – 1) Making works specifically for an exhibition or space (eg. my show A Slow Take at Te Tuhi), and 2) Making work for the sake of making work, trusting the process, and then from the resulting works putting together an exhibition. At the moment my practice is in the later state, hence the need for some space.

  • I found myself looking for images of / from Crap Hound magazine, though quite why I can’t recall.

Eyes- we never sleep

The layout reminds me of a big colouring book I had as a kid, and is something I’ve always thought might make for an interesting painting or two. It also reminds me of a book I grew up with, Draw: How to Master the Art by Jeffery Camp. It breaks down drawing into different elements, eg. eyes, nose, ears, clouds, leaves, etc. providing lots of examples from other artists and actively encourages you to copy them.

  • I’ve had thoughts about creating a three month residency for myself. I imagine staying in Wellington, renting a studio for three months and finding ways to raise the money necessary to cover my material and living costs during this time.

  • And over a beer or two, I articulated the struggles I have with ideas of narrative in my work, and how, borrowing a phrase from Kristin Hirsh, “I don’t really do about”. There’s more in this to explore and write about (to really clarify my thinking) but that’s for another day.

In the meantime have a great weekend!

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