Pushing and looking

Staging strip - work in progress.

Staging strip – working title – work in progress

My aim with these works has been (and still is) to have six finished paintings by the end of the month. This will give me the foundation and directions for my next body of work. I’m also keen to find the language to use around these works and, as odd as this may sound, gain some clarity around how I want to approach making paintings.

Right now I feel I’m not pushing and changing these works hard enough, yet I’m also wanting to live with them for longer. I’ve noticed how my comprehension of the work changes over time. Only this morning, in the work above, did I see the deep red/brown area as a stage or platform with forms sitting upon it against a green vertical backdrop. Previously my concerns lay with the strip running diagonally across the work and how it sits in relation to the areas above and below. It may still need to come forward some more.

With regards to pushing the works, one solution may be to have more surfaces on the go with them entering either a “rapid change” or “slow gestate” stream. Something to consider for the next body of work, but now I’ve got a few paintings to finish.

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