Work in progress.

Work in progress

This time last week I was painting. Well, I say painting but If you saw what I was actually doing – reading, putting the laundry on, looking at Instagram, reading some more, getting distracted by the internet, snacking, painting, drawing on my phone, doing the washing up – well, there wasn’t so much painting going on.

That said, my time spent avoiding painting was well spent. Reading Amy Sillman’s writing and thinking more about my practice I had a mini breakthrough in understanding where I am with my work. I feel like I’m returning to a language I was once semi-fluent in. I know core words and certain phrases but am rusty. Right now I’m relearning some of those words and phrases and exploring how they string together.

I’m also remembering what it’s like to go over works and push them. In the above gif you’ll see I’ve started to work over a piece from several weeks ago. While it was close to a completed state it wasn’t working for me as a whole so I’ve started to push it. I feel there’s still a lot of work to go in to this one so it’s good to get it moving again.

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