Command 7

52 Colours – Week 37
acrylic on canvas
200 × 250mm

Another day of wrestling with code and crossing the gaps in my knowledge. I find it so different from painting – all cerebral and not of my body at all. Quite separated in fact.

Open my laptop, type ⌘-7 atom, hit return, ⌘-7 term, hit return and I’m good to go. The best solutions come quickly and are elegant. Ugly works too. Or it doesn’t.

Captivating and consuming, the process tickles the problem solving aspects of my personality. I must find something attractive about it (even in the shallow levels I work at) and yet after overcoming frustration with moderate success, I find a day in front of a screen less than fulfilling. My body feels empty somehow.

Time to escape the screen and see what I can do with some paint.

Oh, and the image – it’s one from my year long project. The work was released five years ago this week.

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