Sketchbook scan

It’s raining outside – a perfect day to stay indoors, type and drink some more coffee. Meanwhile, this week has been one of those where I’ve spent most of my time doing non-making art related things.

This has included:

  • Going through my contact list and slowly cleaning it up.

  • Reviewing what I’ve written about my work over the last few months before I write some more words for my upcoming show New Old Forms.

  • Attending a talk at Enjoy around developing an emerging practice.

  • Going to the Greta Menzies opening at Toi Pōneke last night, where I really enjoyed some of the drawings.

  • Reviewing and processing some of the topics from conversations I had the previous week.

As someone who enjoys making things it’s easy to feel I’m letting my practice slip if I haven’t made anything during the week, yet I know a break can be (and often is) beneficial.

The reality is making is only part of a practice. It’s easy for me to overlook the drawing I have done this week. However small it may be it keeps moving the work and ideas along. And sometimes that’s enough.

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