Painting and Brand New Me update

Minor Changes – Works in progress


Slow progress this week with minor changes to both the works above, but progress nonetheless. Subsequent additions: Perhaps a mint green something or other to the “cloud” one on the left. This work feels like it may need to go through some significant changes before it all pulls together. We’ll have to see if the mint green something works. The blue work on the right feels like it’s almost there. A possible yellow dash and a few small touches will, I hope, bring it to completion.

Personal Business Model Canvas

Brand New Me progress report

I’m looking at the book Business Model You intending to build my own “Personal Business Model Canvas”. According to the cover, it’s “a one-page method for reinventing your career”.

That said, paraphrasing something, Steve, my coach, said, “If you’ve read these or other books before, what’s different now?”

A fair question. I’m not entirely sure what’s different, but something is – my mindset, perhaps. And maybe by doing these exercises, I am doing busy work and skirting around a belief or truth I’m not ready to face.

Hell, we’ve all done it – gone to the studio, made paintings when there is something we really should be facing, like paying the bills, finding work, dealing with unpleasant conversations.

Is this my version of doing that? Maybe it is. In which case, I hope to call bullshit on my behaviour sooner rather than later. And if it’s not, I’ll soon be able to articulate the value I provide through my work (whether it’s painting, designing, talking with people, or whatever else I do).

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