Biro studies

Biro studies
biro on filecards
128 × 76mm each

Once Around the Bla

Once around the Bla
acrylic on canvas
405 x 380mm


Colin McCahon
acrylic on paper
1095 × 730mm

Biro studies made while thinking about Once Around the Bla, the last work I made for New Old Forms, with a hint of McCahon’s Scared.

Once Around the Bla provides the foundation for these drawings, it may be the bridge to my next body of work. While I could turn the small studies into paintings, I’m treating them as a way to explore how I divide a canvas. In making them, I am building a repertoire of moves, practising and rehearsing. Of course, using a brush is quite different to a biro, but one step at a time.

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