Day one

Sketchbook drawing made over coffee this morning.

It’s day one of my life after leaving my part-time job at Toi Pōneke, and already I’m enjoying the space and time I now have. It’s a mindset as much as anything, and I’m feeling lighter.

I plan to use the next six to eight weeks as a chance to “Cocoon”. I’m splitting the time into four phases:


Resting is self-explanatory – an opportunity to recharge and reconnect. Reflecting will see me look at where I’ve been, where I am, and where I want to be (and what I might want to do). The Exploration phase builds upon the findings of the Reflection phase and sees me explore various possibilities and options. Discoveries and ideas generated from the Exploration phase will be tested in the Experimental phase, where I’ll create experiments to test my ideas against reality.

I realise none of the above mentions art or making explicitly. And that’s ok. I do not doubt that I’ll keep making, and I’m also open to the possibility of taking a pause. Much like my painting process, I’m keen to create the conditions, space, and time to see what emerges.

← Rest and rest
→ Bigger