Syllabus, sketchbooks and everything

Cafe cacophony

Drawings of two paracetamol and a list of colours.

Paracetamol and a list of colours

Drawings of a dog, a head with glasses, doodles, and small milk jug all interwoven.

Café drawings

Sketchbook drawings of simple figures in blue pencil.

Sketchbook drawings of simple figures.

“Bubblehead” drawings (figures in the style of Ivan Brunetti)

I’ve rediscovered my sketchbook after reading Lynda Barry and her book Syllabus.

As an experiment, I’m following some of the outlines for the classes she has taught over the year, including colouring using crayons and drawing figures based on Ivan Brunetti’s instructions on making a figure from simple shapes.

A significant part of her classes includes keeping a sketchbook. Barry has her students use a “composition book”. These books are cheap notebooks with equally cheap paper. Barry encourages her students to take them everywhere and add receipts, snippets of conversation, beer mats, doodles, to-do lists, notes, and anything and everything.

All the different aspects of a student’s world get captured, cross-pollinate, and well, that is when the unexpected starts to emerge…

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