Cheating with a brush pen

Four-panel diary

I continue to follow the course outlined in Lynda Barry’s Syllabus book. Without being in one of Lynda’s classes, I’m making some things up as I go, cobbling together what I can from her notes into a complete lesson.

While I miss the sharing, insights, and comradeship I’d get from being part of a cohort, an upside is I can be a little slack on the homework and avoid being marked down.

Part of the homework is keeping a daily diary of things you’ve done, seen, and heard along with a quick drawing, being sure to include yourself. Over time the diary format is changed – the current variation is four panels, no words. You get one minute to draw each scene, then a minimum of three minutes to ink it in with a rollerball pen. As I’m not enjoying drawing with the rollerball, I cheated and used my brush pen today (and maybe that’s a word in the first panel).

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