Handcut blobs (moving away from the digital)

Paper cut-out blobs.

Paper cut-out blobs.

More paper cut-out blobs, but closer to the viewer.

Preliminary designs for a poster.

This year I’ve permitted myself not to take on any new design jobs. The one exception to this rule (which I’ve been able to stand by so far) is a poster for the upcoming residents’ exhibition at Toi Pōneke.

The above images are my first exploratory stabs at the elements for the poster. And I’m delighted with them.

Moving away from digital, these blobs are hand cut from some old magazines. The variety of colour, texture, and shape of the blobs represent the diversity of the individual artists and their practices at Toi Pōneke.

Next is to play around with the scale, the spacing of the blobs, and the typography as I start to pull the poster together.

← Skull in a skirt
→ Cheating with a brush pen