Strategy in a sentence

My broader practice

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about creating a “strategy in a sentence” for my broader practice. Developed in a one-hour workshop with Chris Jackson of We Create Futures, here it is:

I want to be recognised as a successful artist and valued mentor for local artists and non-artists by delivering methods and perspectives that catalyse a personal ‘aha’ moment to unlock insight and opportunity or unblock their creativity.

Parts are woolly - How am I defining and measuring success? What “methods and perspectives” will I be delivering, and how? - yet workable. It’s a “shitty first draft”, a living thing to be iterated and refined.

The workshop helped me clarify how “Art” and “Consulting” can (and do) make up my broader practice. They are different and complementary disciplines, supporting each other. My art is something I want to do on my terms; it’s for me. Consulting work comes from a desire to be helpful to others. It recognises I’m good at listening, asking questions, and assisting others in finding those “a-ha” moments.

The next step is running experiments and seeing how this hybrid career of mine operates.

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