Coming Soon…

Hard copies of Saturday Delivery sitting pretty.

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been putting together some writing and drawings into a booklet/zine. The booklet is called Saturday Delivery and is almost ready to purchase. It’s 20 pages, black and white on 100gsm paper, A5 size. Is it a zine? Is it a booklet? I don’t know. It contains nine stories and drawings. There is a limited first edition of 30 printed copies and an unlimited digital version.

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And here’s a taster…

A spread from the zine Saturday Delivery.

Eating Beans, Chips, and a Sausage Roll

I’m sitting at a small table in a steamy, greasy spoon. Condensation drips down the window, on my plate, beans, chips and a sausage roll. Iain sits in front of me. I’m here for lunch. I’m here to give my body something different to digest. I am noticing steamed-up windows – the drips allow a blurry glimpse of the world beyond the window. I am hungry. It’s cold outside, and a hearty lunch is needed. Art school is, hmmm, going ok but also a pain. I am struggling with the work. I’m used to being top dog and have forgotten how to really apply myself. Perhaps I’m not interested enough. I can feel the food and fat giving my body a workout. It’s a hearty meal. Iain really likes Jo. She’s going to move in with him out at the coast. Or will do when he finds a place. I’m not ready for such a relationship. I’m 22, and it’s too much for me. I’m struggling enough with art school. Add a relationship - it could work. I’m pleased Iain likes my work. I don’t know what I’m doing, and this is where I need to be—at art school. I’m avoiding, or at least taking a break from, the studio. I am finishing my lunch. I drink a coke. Coke goes with this stodgy meal; it helps lighten it. I’m leaving the cafe with Iain and heading back to the studio. I have a large charcoal drawing to finish. I’m working on drawings to do with the word “nothing”.

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