Generative Fill

I’ve been deep in proposal writing over the last few weeks, and with only a limited capacity for screen time, something had to give – hence no newsletters.

Now I’m out on the other side of the proposal (and with my post-concussion symptoms slowly improving), I thought I’d say hi!

Yesterday I started to play with Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill feature (in beta). It’s pretty bonkers. You can take an existing image, expand the canvas, click the Generative Fill button and have the computer generate a fill based on the image. People have been taking famous record sleeves and generating what might exist beyond the frame.

I thought I’d do the same for one of my daily drawings. Here’s a step-by-step with a couple of variations for the final image.

Generative drawing step 1.

Generative drawing step 2.

Generative drawing step 3.

Generative drawing step 3 variation.

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