Grey Fear

Work in progress - grey painting - vortex.

Work in progress - grey painting - wall.

Painting Notes

Grey, the colour of fear.
A lighter mid-grey. Numb.
Fear as a wall. A blockade. Barrier.
Behind which lies the gold, the light.
The quiet voice – listen.


Plenty still to do with these.

Add gloss and matt mediums to the top work. Perhaps thicker paint at some point—also small black bits. I like the energy of the work, the dynamism.

Painting the square work feels like constructing a wall. More layers to add, and perhaps sand back.

The act of making reveals insights into the nature of fear.

Also, find, make, or purchase more surfaces. A potential series of work.

Two Drawings

As mentioned last week, here are two larger sketchbook drawings.

Sketchbook drawing.

Sketchbook drawing.

Working larger still feels uncomfortable, and quite unconsciously, I worked on smaller drawings last night - the format being so much more familiar and the card near at hand. That said, I think there’s value in persevering at the larger scale to see what emerges.

Eye Candy

While I find it all too easy to allow myself to be distracted by Instagram, at least it gives me plenty of eye candy to share with you.

And today, it’s a bumper edition!

Eye Candy - a selection of images saved from Instagram.

And if you’re wondering about my practice, I have been making the odd sketch or two. Bigger than before, the results are looser, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar as I adjust to the change in the relationship of biro mark to enlarged frame. I’m still getting used to them, so maybe I’ll show you some next week. Until then, take care and enjoy your day!

Monochromes on my mind

Readymade monochrome

Readymade monochrome.
Metal sheet hanging in the old Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision building on the corner of Ghuznee and Taranaki Street, Wellington.

Contemporary Monochrome web page

Image of test page for website, 2015.
Found on old server.

Work #51

Work #51
acrylic on canvas
200 × 250mm

The penultimate work from my year long 52 weeks, 52 works, 52 colours project.

Biro studies


Biro studies
biro on filecards
128 × 76mm each

Once Around the Bla

Once around the Bla
acrylic on canvas
405 x 380mm


Colin McCahon
acrylic on paper
1095 × 730mm

Biro studies made while thinking about Once Around the Bla, the last work I made for New Old Forms, with a hint of McCahon’s Scared.

Once Around the Bla provides the foundation for these drawings, it may be the bridge to my next body of work. While I could turn the small studies into paintings, I’m treating them as a way to explore how I divide a canvas. In making them, I am building a repertoire of moves, practising and rehearsing. Of course, using a brush is quite different to a biro, but one step at a time.