One from the archives


acrylic on mdf
1200 × 1380mm

One from the archives above and a few conversation snippets from the week below…

  • The cost of making art… the amount of money and time artists put into their practice with no guarantee of return.

  • The loneliness of being an artist (in any form) and working freelance, and the challenges this brings.

  • Do art competitions really benefit the artists?

  • Where are all the affordable / cheap studio spaces?

  • Instagram – how important is it, what’s it got to do with art, and is it worth the effort?

  • How do you get into a curated group show?

  • And remembering the excitement, energy involved when you find yourself talking about a topic you’re really into.

Command 7


52 Colours – Week 37
acrylic on canvas
200 × 250mm

Another day of wrestling with code and crossing the gaps in my knowledge. I find it so different from painting – all cerebral and not of my body at all. Quite separated in fact.

Open my laptop, type ⌘-7 atom, hit return, ⌘-7 term, hit return and I’m good to go. The best solutions come quickly and are elegant. Ugly works too. Or it doesn’t.

Captivating and consuming, the process tickles the problem solving aspects of my personality. I must find something attractive about it (even in the shallow levels I work at) and yet after overcoming frustration with moderate success, I find a day in front of a screen less than fulfilling. My body feels empty somehow.

Time to escape the screen and see what I can do with some paint.

Oh, and the image – it’s one from my year long project. The work was released five years ago this week.

Lost in code, caught in a trap


Screen shot showing development branches

Lost in code, updating and preparing to move my website I almost forgot I’ve a short blurb to write for my exhibition in February.

Meanwhile I’m getting to grips with serverless hosting, merge conflicts, Git LFS, and more. At least the branches above are nice and colourful.

File under: other things artists do

Six small drawings


Six small drawings

On my large white table a small stack of memo cube note paper sits in a makeshift container. It’s all too easy to sit and make small drawings.



Testing in the studio

I feel there’s been a post-studio stall as I muster the other areas of my life to some sense of order. The reality is while the making has momentarily paused, my thinking hasn’t. I’ve been hungry for relevant texts (or at least those which intrigue me) and have spotted a few. One, The Three Dimensions of Freedom by Billy Bragg and another, Against Creativity, by Oli Mould. While not directly related to the work both will, I hope, sit nicely alongside it.

Other small steps have been taken too – locally testing a dark mode for my website, an email here, a conversation there – all gently moving things along. So while I may not have made something physical or tangible with my hands it doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on my practice.

And this – actually recognising my progress – is easy to overlook. Although I feel there’s still much to do (and there is, it’s not just a feeling) it’s good to stop for a moment and switch from the “I haven’t done enough” type of thinking and see what I’ve achieved.