Digital drawing

Work in progress.

Digital drawing 20181116
Created on and downloaded from my phone


Work in progress - pinks, blues, green-yellows.

Work in progress, 9 November 2018

Looking at this painting of mine, this work in progress, it feels somewhat fractured. I’m still finding the forms in the work (or maybe the work is yet to find it’s form?). I can choose to push these partial forms to a resolution or, and perhaps this will be more interesting, find a way to embrace the fracture and work with it.

Work, work, painting

Studio table top in the sunshine.

Studio table top

Coffee steams from my little blue cup. A podcast ends. What to write? It’s been mostly a week of work-work so I’ve been making more digital drawings. There’s a real ease to taking my phone out of my pocket, opening an app and drawing with my finger. But with no work-work today, I get to paint. It’s a hands-dirty, pushing colour around on canvas, sitting watching paint dry kind of day. Or it will be once I finish my coffee, faff around a bit, fill my pots with water, place a blank canvas on the table, pick a brush, chooses a colour, and start.

Work in progress

A canvas in the early stages of development.

Hot pink canvas with abstract dark blue blocks and lines.

New works in progress

The top piece starts easily, working from the get-go, hence the white space. The second work is difficult. Repeating marks similar to the first painting leads, of course, to a dead end. Stalled. Fumbling. Decisive pink, and a change of brush – now we’re moving.