New painting


Small scanned painting

Image from scanning a new painting on a flat bed scanner. Acrylic on an eight dollar, 6 × 8 inch, store-bought canvas and currently without a title.

Experiment, improvise, play


Work in progress in the morning sun

Early days, early sunshine.
Sanded board.
Rework a blackout drawing to restart.
Experiment, improvise, play.
Let’s see where it goes.

Blackout flyer


Blackout flyer
acrylic on paper

Found in one of my piles of paper – a blacked out exhibition flyer from earlier this year (or maybe even last year).

Sanding back


Sanded back board – work in progress
acrylic on wood
210 × 297mm

Sorting through and sanding back old surfaces. Getting ready for the next batch of work.

One from the archives


acrylic on mdf
1200 × 1380mm

One from the archives above and a few conversation snippets from the week below…

  • The cost of making art… the amount of money and time artists put into their practice with no guarantee of return.

  • The loneliness of being an artist (in any form) and working freelance, and the challenges this brings.

  • Do art competitions really benefit the artists?

  • Where are all the affordable / cheap studio spaces?

  • Instagram – how important is it, what’s it got to do with art, and is it worth the effort?

  • How do you get into a curated group show?

  • And remembering the excitement, energy involved when you find yourself talking about a topic you’re really into.