Heels to Jesus (working title)
acrylic on canvas
230 × 300mm

Occasionally artists’ make works that befuddle them. They are alien, appearing on the very edge of (or just outside) current knowledge and understanding. Heels to Jesus is for me, one of those works.

It’s been sitting on my wall for a few weeks now and will sit there a little longer. The top third feels like it may need some more work, especially when compared to the outlined shapes at the bottom of the piece.

I still don’t know what to make of it – it doesn’t yet feel like it’s one of mine. For now, it’s enough to live with its strangeness.

Making rather than thinking


acrylic on watercolour paper
560 × 750mm

I can’t think my way out of this one – instead I’m feeling my way as I make, living with works I’m unsure of, not always knowing what’s working. It’s unnerving and exciting, and I don’t know what the outcome will be.

Small temporary boundaries – three works on paper today, five finished paintings in the next five weeks – provide momentary focus in the fog but I’m groping around, trusting my making instincts.

Once enough work is made, once I’ve some data, I’ll analyse and tease out themes and, I hope, find an underlying framework from which to operate. For now though, the only option is to keep churning things out.

Old forms from Sydney

The new body of work I’m making has the working title of New old forms, so it was heartening to discover there drawings I made on paper from when I was Sydney in 2012. They talk to the latest works quite nicely.

studies on various A4 gallery room sheets