Come together


Work in progress
acrylic on canvas
397 × 445mm

At the risk of tempting fate, I’m feeling this one, with a little more work, is about to come together… or fall totally apart!

I’m reminded of a detail in a David Salle painting – an African or Cubist sculpture realistically rendered, possibly a painting within a painting. Quite how reliable my memory is I can’t be sure. A look online retrieves many David Salle paintings, but not the one in my minds eye.



Black and white photocopy of painting

On my foundation course, the painting constructions I was making would go through several changes across a day. Wax would be added here, something scraped off there – nothing was sacred or precious and everything was new and unknown.

It’s this playful curiosity I’m seeking to rediscover while making this new body of work. The above image is the result of placing a painting on top of a photocopier and hitting print.

New painting


Small scanned painting

Image from scanning a new painting on a flat bed scanner. Acrylic on an eight dollar, 6 × 8 inch, store-bought canvas and currently without a title.

Experiment, improvise, play


Work in progress in the morning sun

Early days, early sunshine.
Sanded board.
Rework a blackout drawing to restart.
Experiment, improvise, play.
Let’s see where it goes.

Blackout flyer


Blackout flyer
acrylic on paper

Found in one of my piles of paper – a blacked out exhibition flyer from earlier this year (or maybe even last year).