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Sketchbook drawings or, ways to divide a canvas.

24 Drawings

24 Drawings at the Parkin Drawing Prize

24 Drawings
Oilstick on A3 Kraft paper

For those of you who can’t make it to the Academy here’s a photo of my 24 Drawings in-situ. You can find a larger version here.

Favourites right now

A friend asked me over the weekend who my favourite artists are at the moment.

Here’s three:

Finished work, 2018

Victor Berezovsky

My friend Victor is now based back in Wellington after several years overseas. His paintings often require a lot of looking and his latest works are some of the strongest I’ve seen him make. Part of the drive behind my recent black and white works comes from seeing what Victor’s been doing with paint – I want some of that! His are not the kind of works you often see in New Zealand so take your time and let your eyes adjust to what’s going on in them.

Swimming Pool, 2018
glass beads on linen
375 x 230mm

Erica van Zon

I work with Erica at Toi Pōneke and she’s always got some project on the go. Again, like Victor’s work, some pieces grab me, others don’t, but the work is “very Erica” and this is a good thing. I really appreciate Erica’s approach and attitude towards her practice. This integrity is something I feel both Erica and Victor share and the world is much richer for it.

A Physical Feeling, 2014

Lucas Blaclock

I’ve no idea who Lucas is, what his attitude is towards his practice but I’m intrigued by his photographs. I saw a couple of his photographs when I was in Toronto. They’re odd (in a very good way). Strange compositions, doing interesting things with photography.

Unpossible Drawing

One of the things I particularly like about this work is the way the block element in the middle of the piece oscillates between floating free from the structure or being a fixed part of it.

24 Drawings wins a Merit Award – Parkin Prize 2018

Work labels on wall

Receiving one of ten merit awards (and $500) at the Parkin Drawing Prize last night was a good way to start the week.

In talking about my work 24 Drawings, Head Judge Kelcy Taratoa made reference to my artist’s statement and the phrase, “Keep churning them out”. Here’s the full, and very short, statement:

Smushed oil stick slips and sticks, resists and gives. Push here, drag there. Push there, drag here. “Keep churning them out”, he said. And he wasn’t wrong.

I’ll post a full picture of the entire work in time, but here’s half a dozen of the 24 drawings. Meanwhile, if you’re in town do get along to see all the finalists’ work. Consensus last night was that it’s a really strong show, and there really is something for everyone.

6 oil stick drawings in a 3 x 2 grid

24 Drawings (detail)
oil stick on A3 Kraft paper