Imknowable forms

acrylic on A2 watercolour paper

Two more unpossible objects / imknowable forms. I’m particularly liking the movement in the bottom drawing. It has a lightness and vigour, and feels nicely balanced. The top work, in comparison, feels unresolved though quite how it needs to be progressed I’m uncertain. For now I’m happy leaving it as is.

One of the things I’m exploring with these drawings / works on paper is finding points where I’m uncomfortable with what I’ve made. I’m trying to push the drawings into places I wouldn’t normally go, to be comfortable being uncomfortable, and part of that includes leaving works unresolved.

The thing that confounds us

You know we want to look at paintings. If you walk into a group show your eye doesn’t go to the thing you understand, it doesn’t go the the thing you like – I love apples. That’s a fantastic painting of apples. I can almost taste them! – We don’t do that. It’s the thing that confounds us. You know, What the hell is that? Why would anyone do that? That is so fucked up, you know. And you look at it. And you think about it and sometimes that’s really the stuff… If there’s something we are going to love… that’s going to be the route to it.

– Thomas Nozkowski

Transcribed from a video interview from 2012.

A few things from the week

I did some painting:

Acrylic on A3 watercolour paper

The top work reminds me of some of Phillip Guston’s drawings, which is no bad thing.

I read this article – What Happens When a Computer Runs Your Life.

Max Hawkins

I wish the article went deeper but having used and been interested in the random for my practice this is fascinating. Find the guy’s website here:

I rewatched this:

Webstock '11: Merlin Mann - Scared Shitless: How I Learned to Love Being Afraid of Pretty Much Everything from Webstock on Vimeo.

Webstock ‘11: Merlin Mann - Scared Shitless: How I Learned to Love Being Afraid of Pretty Much Everything otherwise known as The one where Merlin cries.

I listened to the Stone Roses a lot:


And this, from the Guardian, made me smile. (Did you have Panini stickers in NZ?)


And don’t forget there’s a new gallery opening in town tonight – Millers O’Brien.

I know Jhana and Laila have been working their arses off to make this happen. It’s been a long and crazy ride so it’s great to see things come to fruition. Launching both the gallery and their first exhibition, the doors open at 5pm. You can find the gallery at Level 1, Mibar Building, 85 Victoria Street (It’s the building Lido cafe is in, with the doorway between Lido and Vessel). It’s great there’s another galley in town so do pop in and support them and their artists.

Have a great weekend!

Good News

Ending the week with some good news…

I found out yesterday I’m one of the finalists in this year’s Parkin Drawing Prize. The last time I had work in the Parkin Prize was with my wall drawing Ape. This year I’ve entered 24 oil stick drawings. The winners will be announced at the official awards evening at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts here in Wellington on 16 July.


APE, 2014
acrylic paint wall drawing
450 × 950mm