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Dents & Bumps

The second coat is on, and much sooner than I thought. With it, ridges and indentations on the wall are being revealed. The question is whether to remove them by sanding and filling. My inclination is to leave them. The wall is the wall. The work reveals the wall and in turn the space and all it’s idiosyncrasies. The dents and bumps are an inherent part of the wall – part of it’s “wallness” – so it feels to me to remove them goes against the purpose of the work.

That said, I would like them to be a little less obvious. This I think will be solved through lighting. Currently, the two lights in position from the previous show enhance the bumps and dips. Under a flat even light, I think the details will be less noticeable and take a little longer to reveal themselves.

And these two images don’t really capture the colour of the wall – the one on the right is close but feels washed out due to the spotlight. Like I said, how the wall is lit is going to play a key role in how it’s seen, but that’s a job for next week…


A lunchtime short black (or espresso for those of you beyond these shores) as I wait for paint to dry. So far, touch wood, the install is going relatively smoothly. Minor difficulties with green masking tape - it’s too low tack for the wall, probably best suited for smooth shiny surfaces, so keeps coming off. Should have stuck with what I know – and end up using my trusty purple/lilac tape along the top edge. That stuff is so good. I hope sealing the edge of the green tape will keep it stuck down. Once dry, the first layer of “oxymoron” follows. Brush paint the edges then follow with a roller over the rest of the wall. Repeat three more times over the coming days and it’s done. Well, done save for the inevitable retouching that will be required when the tape is removed, but so far so good.

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