Generative Fill


I’ve been deep in proposal writing over the last few weeks, and with only a limited capacity for screen time, something had to give – hence no newsletters.

Now I’m out on the other side of the proposal (and with my post-concussion symptoms slowly improving), I thought I’d say hi!

Yesterday I started to play with Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill feature (in beta). It’s pretty bonkers. You can take an existing image, expand the canvas, click the Generative Fill button and have the computer generate a fill based on the image. People have been taking famous record sleeves and generating what might exist beyond the frame.

I thought I’d do the same for one of my daily drawings. Here’s a step-by-step with a couple of variations for the final image.

Generative drawing step 1.

Generative drawing step 2.

Generative drawing step 3.

Generative drawing step 3 variation.

Pushing the edges


Daily drawing.

Daily drawing.

The fifteen-minute daily drawings continue. I’m done with the drawing at around 10 minutes, yet I have resisted reducing my drawing time.

While a set of 10-minute drawings might be interesting, the 15 minutes force the drawings (and me) to places I’m unfamiliar with.

The additional five minutes means overworking the drawing is probable, and this is ok. I’m finding out where the edges are, and by willingly going over them, I create something new and unexpected.



To the post office!

The first batch of zines has gone out in the post.

I’ve also created a bundle containing the physical booklet and digital edition pdf. You can purchase the bundle for $17.

Today's drawing.

Meanwhile, my daily 15-minute drawings continue. I’m tentatively thinking about how they may work as paintings or be a starting point for some new work. We’ll have to wait and see…

Coming Soon…


Hard copies of Saturday Delivery sitting pretty.

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been putting together some writing and drawings into a booklet/zine. The booklet is called Saturday Delivery and is almost ready to purchase. It’s 20 pages, black and white on 100gsm paper, A5 size. Is it a zine? Is it a booklet? I don’t know. It contains nine stories and drawings. There is a limited first edition of 30 printed copies and an unlimited digital version.

Keep an eye on your Inbox (sign up to my mailing list) and Instagram for details…

And here’s a taster…

A spread from the zine Saturday Delivery.

Eating Beans, Chips, and a Sausage Roll

I’m sitting at a small table in a steamy, greasy spoon. Condensation drips down the window, on my plate, beans, chips and a sausage roll. Iain sits in front of me. I’m here for lunch. I’m here to give my body something different to digest. I am noticing steamed-up windows – the drips allow a blurry glimpse of the world beyond the window. I am hungry. It’s cold outside, and a hearty lunch is needed. Art school is, hmmm, going ok but also a pain. I am struggling with the work. I’m used to being top dog and have forgotten how to really apply myself. Perhaps I’m not interested enough. I can feel the food and fat giving my body a workout. It’s a hearty meal. Iain really likes Jo. She’s going to move in with him out at the coast. Or will do when he finds a place. I’m not ready for such a relationship. I’m 22, and it’s too much for me. I’m struggling enough with art school. Add a relationship - it could work. I’m pleased Iain likes my work. I don’t know what I’m doing, and this is where I need to be—at art school. I’m avoiding, or at least taking a break from, the studio. I am finishing my lunch. I drink a coke. Coke goes with this stodgy meal; it helps lighten it. I’m leaving the cafe with Iain and heading back to the studio. I have a large charcoal drawing to finish. I’m working on drawings to do with the word “nothing”.