! - look at jekyll SEO and set up config file accordingly

? is there a place I can commit to git without it being public eg. (use the git hub app?)

? gitlab.


Possible futures

Work out spreadsheet format for using pagemaster Test on test site. Drag and drop files over to garypeters-dot-info so it’s kept clean of plugin.

Suss out titles and permalinks - eg, just name of work in permalink.

Do I want separate folders for years? Perhaps for images?

Would it be smart to put image paths into spreadsheet too? Work out naming format for images.

Thank the pagemaster!!

Consider using tags rather than type for yaml and the sort of work showing. Or perhaps category?

Read up on jekyll variables. tags / categories etc.

Aim to pull page tag to show related pages

ie get this page’s tag and then find pages with similar tags

Set up so have a dozen works in place.

x hard code navigation

works about journal



Nice to nice

x thumbnails x ? rollover thumbnails x sort pagination for works (next / previous)