Observations, questions and actions from the week in the studio

Painting back the studio wall

  • It takes a couple of days to install the wall work.

  • Find the price of getting vinyl cut.

  • Explore alternative methods to vinyl – can I pre-cut in tape the shapes I need?

  • A two colour wall work is an option but will increase install time by a day. This will also increase cost. Use projector to only paint the “white areas”.

  • Be confident in how much / how little I install in the space.

  • A single small work can hold a wall.

  • Think about the dialogue between the works in the show. Positioning affects the conversation.

  • Confidence, confidence, confidence.

  • What if I only presented two works – one wall work and one small painting?

  • Scale of mark in relation to the object.

  • Scale of one work in relation to another.

  • A magazine page pinned to a wall could be more than enough.

  • The magazine blackout forms are anchored, the ones on blank paper are not.

  • Take the blackout forms from the magazines and reproduce them in other mediums with / without a background.

  • The significance of the magazines (or not).

  • The importance of the act of erasure (or not).

  • Concentrated works.

  • Pieces working from a distance and up close.

  • Same song, different parts / harmonies.

  • Gesture / mark making as the common denominator.

  • The practicalities and restrictions of the install time.

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