Heads Up


twentysix at night.

In early November, I will be involved in a group show at twentysix here in Wellington.

You’ll be able to see my work alongside that of Pam Brabants, Laura Woodward, and David Brown.

We need to create a title for the show, fix the dates, work out our marketing, get beer sponsorship, find a writer, sort out who’s sitting in the gallery, and 101 other things.

It’s two and a half months away - plenty of time!?!


Photo - morning skies.

Photo - grey clouds over the city.

Photo - concrete floor.

Photos - city at dusk.

Photos - night time lights.

A selection of colours from last week.

Test Pieces


acrylic on watercolour paper

A couple of test pieces as I try out some ideas. Not as fluid as I was hoping, but it’s early days; there’s a reason they’re test pieces!

Right Now


It’s Complicated (#2)
acrylic on canvas
120 × 180mm

Right now, I’m:

  • wanting a studio space (or a room which could become a studio)
  • working out when I can finish “Marie Kondoing” my flat, including all the art I’ve got stored here
  • wanting to finish writing my artist’s statement
  • slowly sorting out the mess of files on my laptop
  • reviewing how I get things done
  • being distracted by manual espresso maker videos

Grey Fear

Work in progress - grey painting - vortex.

Work in progress - grey painting - wall.

Painting Notes

Grey, the colour of fear.
A lighter mid-grey. Numb.
Fear as a wall. A blockade. Barrier.
Behind which lies the gold, the light.
The quiet voice – listen.


Plenty still to do with these.

Add gloss and matt mediums to the top work. Perhaps thicker paint at some point—also small black bits. I like the energy of the work, the dynamism.

Painting the square work feels like constructing a wall. More layers to add, and perhaps sand back.

The act of making reveals insights into the nature of fear.

Also, find, make, or purchase more surfaces. A potential series of work.