Thinking about my exhibition

Work in progress

I’ve been thinking about the different elements for my show in February:

  • paintings
  • black out drawings
  • small drawings
  • wall work
  • and possibly posters / photocopies in some form

Looking at my paintings, I’ve half a dozen small works I’m happy with, all quite idiosyncratic. I need more, that’s for sure. And I’m trusting they will make sense when shown together.

I’ve yet to decide how best to show the works on paper. They could be framed, pinned to the wall as is, perhaps even photographed with the resulting image being enlarged, framed and hung.

As for the wall work – I’ve yet to decide what, where, even if I want to include one. How it will (or won’t) work with the paintings is something I’m acutely aware of. There are also practicalities to consider – having four or five days to install may sound like a lot of time, but it limits what can be done, especially when you take drying times into consideration.

I’m also beginning to think about the works in relation to the space at Toi Pōneke – it’s pretty big and has it’s oddities, all of which influence where the works may be installed. At the moment it’s like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle without having either the picture on the box or all of the pieces, but I’m getting a good idea of what might be missing.

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