The Colour of Courtenay Place

Courtenay Place Park, Wellington
7 April – 31 July 2015

My first public art work, made for Wellington City Council’s light boxes on Courtenay Place. The colour for each monochrome could be observed in the environment when standing in front of the individual works. Colours were chosen throughout a 24 hour period, so some colours can only be seen at specific times of day. The title for each individual piece is the time the colour could be seen. With the monochrome prints in place the light boxes became highly reflective and quite sculptural.

Writing from Wellington City Council wesbite:

As colour perception had its 15 minutes of internet fame with that dress, artist Gary Peters launched The Colour of Courtenay Place – a series of 16 bold, urban monochrome works, which encouraged us to look more closely at the space and colour around us.

Unlike that dress, there was no confusing the colours in Wellington’s Courtenay Place.

The Colour of Courtenay Place was the first large-scale public artwork for Peters, taking his colourful work out of the studios and galleries and onto the streets.

Peters encouraged us to look again at our environment, to pause for a moment and notice the details we normally overlook. These slabs of colour, devoid of text and advertising, offered us a visual pause in the busyness of the strip, and invited us to take a moment and be curious about looking at the space we inhabit.

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