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Manifesto (of sorts) 0.3

Be open, be honest.

Trust my instincts.

Embrace the random (it’s all meaningless anyway).

To paraphrase, make the work like nobody is watching.

Make the work like I don’t give a fuck (because I really do give a fuck).

My role as an artist is to serve the work.

Drink the best beer I can afford, and don’t be afraid of the cheap stuff. A cheap, cold lager on a hot summer’s day really hits the spot.

Context, context, context.

Engage with the history of art. Or not. But make the decision a conscious one. In fact, ensure all decisions are conscious ones.

Don’t be lazy.

Push the work.

Be wary of formula.

Good work has its own internal logic.

Fight the resistance – get off my arse, get in the studio and get to work.

There are no shortcuts worth taking in painting – you have to put in the hours.

Amplify my idiosyncrasies and emphasise my awkwardness.

Intent matters.

Be true (whatever that is).

Never paint drunk.

Believe in my work – if I don’t, no-one else will.

Also, taking a lyric from Do it now by Half Japanese,
Open your eyes and you will see it.
It’s obvious, it’s love.